September 8, 2010

Event Announcement : Virtual Party !!!

When I was new to the blog world, I used to wonder what's all about these blog events. Slowly I understood the fun and facts behind these blog events. I simply enjoyed being part of these events and hosted one too. Truly it needs lot of commitment and quality time to conduct an event but the end result makes you feel so happy. Each and every entry that hit my mail box, boosted my energy. So here I'm with my second event.

I wanted to make this a monthly event so that it will be fun with different themes every month. I know there are lot of events around the blog world, but I feel More Events, More Fun What say ?? So as I'm done with the background of the event, now to the theme and the boring rules.

This Month's theme would be "Chocolaty Dreams" I wanted to start with a peppy theme and I know no one would dislike chocolates !!! So get ready to dream about chocolates and prepare something with Chocolates and Chocolate byproducts it can be a cake, cookie, drink whatever that features chocolate and fits the theme.

I will be accepting dishes for the party till the date mentioned under the rules section and will host the party within a week after the end date. So what are you all waiting for Get Ready to Party !!!

Virtual Party Rules
  • Prepare a dish that fits the theme and send your entries between September 8th - October 8th 2010.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Please make sure you link back to this announcement page.
  • Archive posts are accepted if they are re-posted with the link to the event.
  • Please email the details of the post to with subject as Virtual Party - Chocolaty Dreams with the below details       
         Your Name:
         Blog Name:
         Recipe Name:
         Recipe Url/Link:
         Picture of the dish: 300pixels wide
  • Non Blogger's please send out the entries to the above mail id.



nt a fan of choclate...but surely wil try to b in....lovely event...all the best...

Lovely theme Dear..Happy hosting..I'm in:-)

WOW..sounds like a great event..happy hosting..will surely try and send some of my entries.

Cool event..Will send in something for sure..

good ingredient..will send my entry soon shabitha..

happy hosting dear ...gr8 event with wnderful theme ...i am in :)


Am definitely in...anything with choco, am ready u know..

Thanks Gals !! Waiting for your chocolaty recipes !!

I am surely participated. How can I resist something chocolaty as I am a big chocoholic :)

hehehe..San wrote what I was going to write..not a choco fan, but do have few recipes in my folder..sure I'll send it !

Nice theme, who doesnt love chocolates....

He He.. You probably guessed what I am going to say here..and you are right.. I am all in :))

US Masala

wonderful theme dear..surely i will be in..

When i started blogging it was the same too didn'tknow aobut events untill one of my new blog friends told me to send a certain dish i made to a event.
Indeed everybody loves chocolate so you shure willg et entries. Looking forward to the roundup.

Lovely theme dear...happy hosting

Wonderful theme, Shabitha..Will try to participate..

yummy theme,will try to participate.

Hi Shabitha,

I am in..will try to make something and send in!!Happy hosting!!


Hi Shabitha,
first time here. just discovered ur beautiful blog. shall definitely send in my entries for ur event :)
and iam happy to follow u ....

I sent an entry to the above address but it bounced :( Any alternate mail ?

just posted my today's eggless cake for ur event

Delicious event!!A wonderful space n glad to follow u!

Sounds like fun..

I am new here. This seems to be an event, I would love to indulge in as I bake a lot. I have already emailed you the links and photographs of my participating posts to you.

Am sending multiple entries tonight.

Hey dear,
Sent you my entries. Let me know if you received it.

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