About Me

I'm Shabitha Karthikeyan a Software Professional with a great passion towards Cooking. I was born in Coimbatore one of the wonderful city of South India and was brought up in the most happening place "The Good Old Chennai". I started my cooking experiments at the age of 14, back then I used to pester my Mom to allot me some work in the kitchen. As I grew up, simply grabbed the Sunday lunch slot from my Mom and started to experiment all kinds of dishes. Appreciation truly fuels your urge to do more,same here.

After marriage, my culinary journey took an unexpected twist.All of them at my inlaws place were great cooks. Apart from experimenting food it turned to be a serious competition to show your skills. Again that sweetly forced me to search for new resources for recipes. Wanted to show them my style of cooking !

Now I'm settled in California, United States. It's a wonderful place and the most happening place in the US. As I have close family around we are enjoying every moment. Managing work, kids, home and the blog is a big challenge, but I love my blog and always have the same excitement every time I update it.

 I enjoy and live my life to the fullest with my loving husband, who would be referred as "MK" throughout my blog, my Shweet little daughter who will be referred as "Shweets" and my lil prince Jake. These 3 mean a lot to me and keep me going !

Learning never ends so still there are calls flying to my people back in India for home-style recipes. This section would be incomplete without a dedication,I dedicate my blog to MK, Shweets, Jake, Mom, Dad and my Loving Sisters.

From My Home Kitchen

As Cooking was taking new dimensions in my life, wanted to have placeholder for my treasured recipes. Somehow kept postponing the idea of creating a blog for my own. I wanted to make sure that I would be fully committed. After much thinking started my blog in January 2010. I wanted to play low and never told anyone about the blog, slowly realized how big the blog world was and wanted to be a part of it and finally shared it everyone after two long months.

Now this blog means a lot to me. It has helped in lot of ways and more importantly I have found some great blog buddies. I'm totally obsessed about my blog and can never stop thinking about it !!!


The recipes written in my blog are tried , tasted and presented with utmost care. As mentioned earlier my main recipe sources are my parents and inlaws. Other active resources are my friends, re
latives, internet, cook books etc.,  There are some recipes that were born totally out of experimenting. It's real fun to experiment than to just to cook exactly from a resource. So when a recipe is adapted from a resource, I would be providing full credit for the same and I will clearly mention the changes I have done to it.

Recipes posted here are are adjusted according to our taste. Everyone's taste is not the same so make sure you do the necessary additions and deletions. If you find something not appealing please let me know.I will certainly work on it. If you have requests for recipes just drop me a mail and I will see how can I help you. I try to post any interesting recipe we cook so I try to make 2 - 4 posts per week.

Also the time taken to make a dish always differs on how fast you do things. With a full time job and kids I have to multitask and normally do things in parallel. Time to make dish depends on your style so plan accordingly.


Writing a post is not an easy task. It takes quality time to cook, present, click and blog about it. Your comments really matters in that in front.Please do leave your valuable suggestions, feedback so that I can improve on my work.

Any inappropriate, rude comments will be deleted. Make sure your comments are related to the post and write your suggestions in a friendly manner. I hope you get me right !


You can contact me for any kind of inquires, requests related to my blog through email. I will try my best to answer them on the same day. There are times I get busy with my other activities and will not be able to reply on time but will make sure that none of it are left unanswered.


All the contents of the site is copyrighted to From My Home Kitchen. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.Please ask before using any of my work.

To wrap it all, this blog is a personal space to jot down all my wonderful experiences not only on the cooking front. Hope you enjoy your stay in my place and hope to have you back !



U rblessed by me...reason even I am getting close to 65 years I believe in cooking with passion whenever possible..in a divine way at times I am a bit lethargic but try my level best to put my heart and soul and feel good...take care and keep on doin ur good work.



Nice blog...bumped into it and the nutell cake...will try today!



Nice blog...bumped into it and the nutell cake...will try today!


Stopping here while in search of urundai kuzhambhu.. attracted with ur captures and tuned into ur space.. so happy to know about you.. am gonna try ur urundai kuzhambhu recipe tomorrow..keep in touch.. Happy blogging..

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