January 2, 2013

Rice Kheer | Arisi Payasam | Pal Payasam | Indian Dessert

Rice Kheer

I wish all my friends and readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May the year 2013 bring all the fun, happiness we wish for. When I think back about 2012, it was a good one for "From My Home Kitchen". I'm not as aggressive in posting recipes as before but I'm trying my best. Home, a full time job and hyperactive kids are keeping me very busy and they take most of my time. I'm hoping to be more regular and post as many recipes as possible. Also I want to thank each one of you who take time to go through my posts and provide valuable comments and a special thanks to my dear ones who try my recipes !!!. I wanted to start the New Year with a sweet note and made the ever special Rice Kheer (Pal Payasam).

Payasam/Kheer is one famous dessert very Indian would love. It is served in weddings, offered to god, served during all occasion. The main reason being it is easy to make for a bigger crowd. Rice Kheer is how the Northern part of India calls this dessert and Pal Payasam/ Arisi Payasam is how we South Indians call it. It takes about 45 minutes to make this sweet and there is also a shorter route,instead of slow cooking you can pressure cook and reduce the time. But the slow cooking method brings the original flavor of the dessert. Do try this all time favorite Indian dessert and enjoy !

Preparation Time - 10 minutes

Cooking Time - 30 minutes

Serves : 4 people


Rice - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Whole Milk - 4 cups
Ghee - 1 tsp
Cashews - 5 - 8 no
Almonds - 5 - 8 no
Raisins - 10 no
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp

  • Thoroughly wash the rice until the water runs clear.
  • Chop the Cashews and Almonds into thin slices.
  • To a wide mouthed and deep non stick pan, add the 1 tsp ghee. Transfer the sliced Cashews, Almonds, Raisins and saute until they golden brown. Transfer to a dry plate.
  • To the same pan add the washed rice and saute for 2 minutes.
  • Add the 4 cups of milk to the rice and mix well. Allow it to boil in medium high heat.
  • When the milk starts to boil reduce the heat. At this stage add the sugar and mix well.
  • Allow the rice to cook. Stir in between to avoid the rice getting stuck to the bottom and getting burnt.
  • When the milk reduced to half the quantity and rice is soft, add the cardamom powder and mix well.
  • Next add the fried nuts and raisins.
  • Mix everything together and serve warm or chilled as you prefer.
  • Whole Milk works great for this dessert as it brings out the original flavor.
  • You can use sona masoori or any short grain rice. Basmati rice also works but not most preferred.
  • You can add nuts as per your preference. Adding two strands of saffron and pistachios always works great.
  • If you refrigerate the sweet the rice would absorb the milk and it will turn out to be thick. Boil about 2 - 4 tbsps of milk and add it to the kheer and then serve.

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