May 9, 2012

Sukku Malli Coffee | Indianstyle Dry Ginger Coffee | Sukku Coffee

Sukku Malli Coffee

Climate changes, unexpected rain gives us all some kind of health issues. Be it sore throat, head congestion, I will not be able to concentrate on work and will badly need to sleep for long hours. But with the situations around it is not possible for all that. Also I'm not ok with taking pills for these things when we have home remedies. When I say home remedy it is only until everything is under control and you are feeling better. Sukku Malli coffee is just not a medicine you take when you have cold, We take it every other day. It improves digestion and definitely makes me feel totally fresh.

 Sukku Malli Powder is definitely a keeper in the kitchen. You can prepare the powder and store it for months together and prepare the coffee whenever you need it. Even my 5 year old likes it. She did not get the word sukku so she calls it sugar coffee, though there is no sugar added to prepare this. This is prepared with jaggery and again jaggery is good for health. What do you say when there is so many good things in one drink why wait to try it !!!

Preparation Time for Sukku Malli Coffee Powder: 20 min

Ingredients for Sukku Malli Coffee Powder

Sukku/Dry Ginger - 1 cup
Coriander seeds/Dhaniya - 1 cup
Peppercorns - 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp

Method for preparing Sukku Malli Coffee Powder

  • Dry roast Sukku/Dry Ginger, Coriander seeds one after the other  in medium low flame for about 2 minutes each.
  • Dry Rost Peppercorns, Cumin seeds in medium low flame for about 1 minute each.
  • Allow the contents to cool.
  • Grind all the contents together in a dry mixer and store in air tight container.

Sukku Malli Coffee Powder

Preparation Time for Sukku Malli Coffee: 10 minutes

Serves : 2

Ingredients for Sukku Malli Coffee

Sukku Malli Coffee Powder - 2 tsps
Jaggery - 2 tsps
Water - 2 cups

Method for preparing Sukku Malli Coffee
  • Boil 2 cups of water in a vessel.
  • When water is at boiling stage, add the sukku malli coffee powder, jaggery and mix well.
  • Reduce the flame to medium low and allow the mixture to boil for about 6 - 8 minutes
  • Pour the coffee through a strainer and serve hot.

Sukku Malli Coffee

My Notes
  • Sukku Malli Coffee Powder can be stored for 3 - 6 months in a airtight container.
  • Always use a dry spoon for longer shelf life.
  • Adjust jaggery level according to your taste.



Wow can feel the flavour here....

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Wow healthy n flavorful drink...

never heard of this coffee. Interesting. would love to give it a try coz i m coffee lover

now I know what to drink when I get cold...Nice nick name your daughter has given it 'sugar coffee'

Nice flavorful coffee, quite healthy too

My paati always whipped this up at the slightest sniffle we may have... I've not tried making it at home from scratch and instead always have storebought sukku malli podi. Looks really easy.

Sukku coffee is my fav. Very handy for season change. Good one!

Herbal medicine for sore throat n it!!
You can link this to EP series-Ginger/Pepper powder..:-)

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Mmmm....absolutely tempting..:)
Tasty Appetite

Very nice, planning to make it today , learnt from my pati, but i call it kashayam, beautiful clicks

A prefect drink to have rite now here, its raining and wish to grab and have this flavourful coffee..

i luv this.....can feel d taste

That sounds delicious...

First time here,you have a wonderful space with awesome clicks....glad to follow u.Pls do drop at my space ....BTW sukku malli kaapi looks tempting,flavorful coffee..

Nice recipe and looks fabulous!

I love to have it right now as it rained here now... spicy!

I have severe cold going to make it right away thanks for sharing.

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