April 13, 2012

Mango Almond Shake | Kid Friendly Drink

Last post I did talk about seasons. Though we are totally enjoying the spring season we do eagerly wait for the Summer for obvious reasons. From childhood we 3 sisters would board the train to my grandma's place with our Mom on the day our school closes. I remember days when my Mom used to pick us up early from school seeking special permission to catch the early evening train. We would come back the night before the school reopening day. Poor dad would do the school prep shopping. It was ultimate fun no studying, no homework, getting up late, wonderful food, night shows, pampered by aunts, uncles and what not. Most important thing that needs to added to the list are the Mangoes !!

I go crazy for mangoes, atleast when I was kid. I would love it any form and often skip meals to relish a big mango. People who know me from childhood would know what I mean. One of my Mom's friend would even tease me saying I should get married to a person who owns a mango grove.Though now I'm not as crazy as before but I love Mangoes. Now I'm able to see good quality mangoes here and there and picked up few. Shweets is a big fan of milkshakes and I made this for her. She finished it in no time and pesters me to make it for her. Enjoy this Creamy and Yummy drink and you will totally love it!!!

Preparation Time - 5 min

Serves - 1 person


Ripe Mango - 1 no
Almond Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 tsp
Vanilla essence -   3 to 4 drops

  • Wash the Mango, Peel the skin and chop them into bite size pieces.
  • Wash the blender jar and wipe clean.
  • Add the mango pieces, milk, sugar and vanilla essence and blend well until smooth and creamy
  • Serve chilled in tall glass.
  • Use milk from the refrigerator and skip adding ice cubes.
  • You can also use ordinary milk and just go with Mango Milkshake.



Hmm yummy drink, i am also die for mangoes just like u n love in anything...

Yummy shake. Nice presentation.


Wish to grab this yummy and super tempting shake and have rite now..

Happy New Year and the mango shake is a nice click! Such nostalgic fruit!

delicious... Added to my to try list

Very nice and delicious shake!

Great idea to pair mangoes and almonds together.... looks really refreshing. I love mangoes too.

Looks really awesome.. love 2 try this

delicious..looks yummy...lovely clik
Tasty Appetite

this shake looks very tempting...will surely try this...yummy
Super Yummy Recipes

Wow!! That looks like a really refreshing glass of mango and almond, just perfect for the crazy summer! and so simple to make too! This is my first time here and it looks fabulous! Also love the roasted potatoes :)

Superb recipe and lovely clicks

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