August 15, 2010

Mixed Sprouts N Raw Mango Salad

There are some things we normally forget as we go on. Sprouts is one such thing. I remember the days I used just live on these. It is a very good ingredient which can be used in various recipes and helps a lot during the dieting process. I normally stick to making some simple salads and gravies with the sprouts. Back in India, my Mom used to help me with the sprouting and it made things easier, after that there were ready-made packs available in the vegetable markets and after moving to the US totally stopped using sprouts. When I had seen the Let's Sprout event announcement by Priya, made up mind to indulge in sprouting.

When I was new to the blog world that is sometime in March 2010, I was wondering what's all about this events as I saw every blog hosting an event. Now I understand these events help us to bring out our imaginations, pushes us towards trying cuisines, prepare authentic food and most important to use healthy ingredients. I should admit now I'm not actively participating in the blog events as I used to. This is just because of the hectic work,home schedule and most importantly the blog move gave me a lot sleepless nights. It is true. I'm not sure why but I was so much into it and did not show much interest in other stuff. I'm back and will make it a point to participate in most of the blog events if not all.

When I prepared this salad for me, Shweets and MK never bothered to taste it. I liked the taste and forced them and they just took a spoon after much murmuring.As expected they liked it so much and the whole bowl vanished in no time. It was refreshing and makes you feel so full. OK I think that's enough of my rambling,straight to the recipe.Good One worth trying !!!!


Mixed Sprouts - 3 cups
Raw Mango - 1 (small size)
Cucumber - 1 (small size)
White Onion - 1 (small size)
Tomato - 1 (small size)

For Salad Dressing

Olive oil - 2 tsp
Lime Juice - 2 tsp
Pepper Powder - 1/2 tsp
Salad Vinegar - 1 tsp
Salt for Taste

  • Sprouting - Soak equal measures of green moong dal, brown channa, white channa, horse gram for about 12 hours. Drain the water and cover the vessel with a white cloth and place it by a window or where there is sunlight. Rinse the sprouts after 10 hrs and again cover it and place it under sunlight. After say 8 hrs the seeds would have sprouted. Store in a refrigerator. Use within 1 or 2 days.
  • Finely chop Mango, Cucumber, White Onion, Tomato.
  • Microwave the mixed sprouts for about 4 min with little salt.
  • In a large bowl, add the sprouts, mango pieces, cucumber pieces onion, tomato and mix well.
  • In a small cup, mix the olive oil, lime juice, salad vinegar,pepper powder,salt mix well.
  • Slowly add the dressing to the sprouts mix and toss the ingredients well.
  • Serve immediately.
Mixed Sprout N Raw Mango Salad obviously participates in the Let's Sprout event hosted by Priya.

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hi shabita,

truely said sprouts are often forgotten in our daily lives ... this salad looks healthy and lovely...adding raw mango is a wonderfull tangy twist ... thanks for this unique mix .. and the dressing too sounds yummy ... i must try it


wow, that sounds beautiful and delicious with the tangy-ness of raw mango :)

Thats definitely a bowl of heaven Shabitha...Love the salad...

Simple and delicious ...looks gud

Salad looks yumm and the addition of raw mango ..great way of eating sprouts!!

Shabitha ur salad is very pleasing...with tat mango in it...m a fan.

Healthy and yummy, looks great...

Lovely pic!! Salad looks healthy, colorful and delicious..Love the new look of your blog, Shabitha..

Wow... Lovely and healthy recipe...

Delicious & colourful salad..

Refreshing, healthy and yummy!!!

Very true, long time since I ate sprouted legumes. Looks very healthy and delicious dear.

Refreshing and healthy salad. Love the add of raw mango to salad. Its yum.

sprouts are my all time fav.....

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