April 22, 2010

My First Event - CELEBRATING MOM !!!

With Mother's Day around thought of hosting a event dedicated to MOM's. Almost all of us would have learnt cooking from our Mom's...Ultimately she proudly stands behind each one of the recipe we prepare.So LET'S COOK ESPECIALLY FOR HER !!!!

Theme for the event

When we cook some recipes we get reminded of our Mom...Our close ones say this dish tastes exactly like your Mom's preparation.Some of your Mom's recipes would have won the heart of your friends or relatives.Some recipes never tastes great like your Mom's preparation when prepared by others, may be a psychological feeling and the list goes on.This event would be dedicated for recipes that fall under these categories...

Few lines About My Mom...

My Mom enjoys all of my recipes and she gets all new recipes for me !!!. Nowadays we have a 30 min slot for writing down recipes during our calls :-). My Dad says.. she watches all the cookery shows to get recipes for you...Thank u so much MOM...She has been a great inspiration for me in all ways..Let it be cooking, home making, managing the family etc., One thing I did not learn from her is saving money.. I'm a spendthrift  and hoping to change soon :-) ...

With tons of love for my MOM.. I proudly announce the CELEBRATING MOM event..and hope all you friends will send in all your Mom's special recipes and make this a super special event !!!

Event Details:

1)Cook any dish that falls into the above categories, both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are accepted from today until 31st May 2010.

2)It will be great if you give a small write up about your Mom's influence on the dish.

2)Multiple entries are allowed.

3)Please make sure you link back to this announcement page.

4)Of course old entries are accepted if they are re-posted with the link to the event.

5)Please email the details of the post shabithasblog@gmail.com with subject as CELEBRATING MOM with following details:

Your Name:
Blog's Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe Url/Link:
Picture of the dish: 300pixels wide

6) I would be glad to receive entries from Non Blogger's.Please send out the entries to the above mail id.



Thats coool event Sabhie,, everybody here tried cooking only after seeing n tasted amma's kaimanam soo sure u will get lot of entries...am also going to send you my amma's kaimanam recipes...

Lovely event, definitely will send my entries..

nice event sabitha.liked the theme..

lovely theme and i have the right post for you dear. Do participate in my green gourmet event too.

Hi Shabitha

nice event..sure I'll send mine

Nice event! have sent you the details.:) you have a nice blog!!

Nice theme Shabitha,will surely try to send some,happy blogging:-)

HEY thats a wonderful event....what u have said is pretty much rgt in my case...coz there are so many in my list where i always feel that i could'nt make like my mom...So i will surely send in my entry...

Shabi, I've sent you the entries just now..

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